1. Start doing things you love, without over analyzing it. Keep it simple.
  2. There’s a camera out there for everyone. Opportunities are endless.
  3. The more you practice the more your eye will improve. Fact.
  4. We can be inspired by others and imitate their style as we learn, but it’s our own style that will give us the most satisfaction. Give it time and you will find it.
  5. Pay attention in those idle moments. There can be a nice shot everywhere.
  6. Remember to lie on the floor and stand on chairs once in a while.
  7. Use the digital landscape to enhance your skills. Be curious, ask other users and understand how they manage to do it.
  8. Learn a few rules so you know how to break them.
  9. Take a photograph everyday, even if it’s just your home front door. Shoot it every day for a month and see what happens.
  10. The camera is only a tool. It’s your eye that really matters.

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